A large portion of our work is in the Corporate space. We partner with corporates through various stages of the Learning process:

  • To identify Learning opportunities
  • To design and roll out Learning solutions
  • To facilitate transfer of Learning to the work-place
  • To monitor Learning effectiveness

While not averse to delivery of stand-alone workshops, our clients draw far more benefit when we associate in a more holistic fashion that allows us to influence learning as a ‘journey’ rather than as a ‘program’.



Inspiring a winning team

This program takes leaders through a journey of discovering what it means to ‘inspire’ and how that goes beyond ‘managing’ or ‘organizing’. The program helps deepen participants’ insight into how they as leaders may lead their teams to peak performance and to realize the transformational impact they can have.

Belbin’s Team Roles

Teams that perform at peak level, respect and leverage the distinct strengths of members. Designed around the much acclaimed work of Dr Meredith Belbin, this program helps participants understand and appreciate how different people are best suited to different ‘roles’ in the team. Participants learn how to play to strengths, manage around limitations, and harmonize the team into a synergistic whole. Through the Belbin testing, they get to work upon their own preferred team roles.

Performance Planning

Performance Plans of individuals and of teams play a pivotal role in aligning the organization in a common direction and fostering a performance driven culture. This workshop helps participants to cascade organizational goals to the performance goals of individuals. Using performance goals as anchors, it guides them to develop performance plans that get the team aligned for maximizing performance.

Performance Conversations

Ongoing feedback being a key component of a performance driven work culture, this workshop helps participants to recognize the value of feedback, and thereafter, to hone their skill of discussing feedback with team members through conversations that foster ownership. Participants also recognize how damaging poorly shared feedback can be and become watchful of their own feedback-traps.

Building Leadership Bridges

Synergy amongst members of the leadership team plays a pivotal role in deciding the synergy that pervades through the organization. This program helps build a strong team of leaders on a foundation of mutual respect, trust and celebration of diversity.

Creativity and Innovation

In today’s world, innovating no longer remains in the ‘nice-to-do’ list. It is a ‘must-do’. Indeed, for continued progress, there is no alternative. Through this program, participants learn how to adopt a proactive whole-brain approach when addressing issues of the present that are most likely to impact the future. Participants hone the mind-sets and skills that make for the creative-mode in daily work-life and develop proficiency with using the tools of creativity.

Interviewing skills

What you put into a process, largely decides what you get out of it. A truer truth was never spoken for the process of interviewing. Poorly conducted interviews may not only filter out the good candidates, but worse, may grant entry to the misfits. . .a huge liability for the organization. Interviewing is a skill, and like any other, it can be learnt. This program empowers participants to conduct interviews that select right candidates. It also helps them identify and guard against their own ‘interview-traps’.

Decision making, problem solving

Making smart decisions in a timely fashion is a function of several variables. Through this workshop, participants recognize what those variables are and learn to employ them in the best possible way. The program also develops thinking skills and helps participants gain proficiency with problem solving tools. All this results in sounder decisions.

Business Acumen

A workshop that combines computer based learning technology with facilitated discussion. It sharpens participants’ thinking skills for charting strategy, market analysis and financial planning.

Manager as Coach

This program helps leaders to make ‘Coaching’ a way of life, a way to lead teams. Leaders realize that Coaching is not only a pill to rectify performance gaps but a versatile skill that empowers them to facilitate the best possible outcome.



The Service Excellence Edge

Customers who become Advocates are the only real asset of the organisation. Happy customers do not happen by default. Rather, they are the result of tailoring every element of the organization with the customer at the centre. This program helps align the organization in just this fashion. It inspires in participants, ownership for customers and sensitizes them to their customers’ experiences. It encourages participants to create opportunities to delight customers.

Championing Service Excellence

This program is especially for leaders. It empowers them to understand first, the organizational dynamics imperative to consistent service excellence, then gets them to hold a mirror to their own organization and chart a road-map for the future. From articulating a Service Promise, to addressing the Processes, Procedures and People, the program guides participants to do it all.

Internal Customer Centricity

Service Excellence outside cannot happen without Service Excellence inside. Building a service focused culture embraces all departments. Support functions are as vital to the organization as is the back-bone to the human body. This program equips support functions with the sensitivity and skills required for them to deliver superior service to their ‘internal’ customers, thus fostering customer centricity throughout the organization.

Customer Contact Skills

No one brings an organization more alive for customers than the front-line. . . the folks who directly interact with customers. Every interaction that the front-line has with customers is a grand opportunity to get customers to fall in love with the organization. This program equips front-line with superior skills of interaction towards consistently creating customer delight.



Time Management

The biggest difference between one who consistently and calmly honours commitments from the one who chases – and often misses - deadlines, is how effectively one employs time. This program helps participants understand how to develop habits that make the most of the day, and correspondingly, also what habits to shed. It helps them learn how to prioritise and to make use of simple tools and techniques that translate prioritised ‘intention’ to ‘action’.

Business Etiquette

In all interactions, it helps to conduct oneself in ways that are pleasing, ways that make oneself and the other, comfortable. In a fast shrinking world where business is commonly transacted across continents and cultures, sensitivity to social graces has never been more required. Through this program, participants gain the skill – and as a result, the confidence of conducting themselves with refinement in a variety of contexts common to work-life.

Impactful Presentations

This program helps build participants’ skill and confidence for preparing and delivering business presentations that achieve their objectives and make a mark. Participants reflect on every dimension that counts and sharpen their ability to work with it.

Communicating to Win

Communication is to a relationship what blood is to the body. The quality of communication goes miles in deciding the health of the relationship. This program empowers participants to nurture win-win relationships through healthy communication. They reflect on the subtleties of communication appropriate to different situations faced at work. The program also helps them recognize their communication barriers and equips them to overcome these.



Induction Program

The Induction program constitutes the exceedingly critical first ‘moments of truth’ for new employees. It offers the perfect stage for the organization to make its finest first impression and make team members feel welcome. This is also when the new entrant must receive information about the organisation. The first few days of entry leave a lasting impact.
In close coordination with the client organization, we design and execute Induction programs. Innovative, packed with learning, oodles of fun and inspiring pride – these qualities are central to the Induction programs we custom-craft.

Campus to Corporate

Crossing the threshold from student life to the corporate corridor is quite a shift. Through this program, we help participants understand the campus vs corporate distinction, what the corporate space expects of them and how they may best live up to - even surpass - these expectations. Understanding the changed context saves them from traps that they might otherwise fall into. They learn how to conduct themselves with confidence, consideration and poise, build relationships and reliability, demonstrate initiative and adopt lifelong work habits that promote success.



To foster a learning culture, the organization needs to cultivate internal L&D capability. Empowered L&D translates to empowered organisations. Towards this end, here is an intensive mentorship program that empowers participants with the insights, skills and tools for facilitating the learning process.

Who would be suitable candidates?

  • L&D professionals
  • Professionals from across functions aspiring to make a switch to L&D
  • Professionals from across functions wanting to take on departmental training as an added responsibility

The process culminates with a certification jointly by the client organization and us.