It is through cultivating character in our youth and helping them blossom, that we can play our role towards building a promising future for our world. This heady possibility inspires and motivates us to partner with educational systems.

Our Partnership is at two levels:

  • With students
  • With teachers




The speed of change we are experiencing brings immense possibilities; possibilities that can be leveraged only by those who stand strong despite the equally immense challenges it brings. For, although heady, stimulating and promising, dizzying change also triggers uncertainty, doubt and anxiety, in turn setting in motion a downward spiral of social discomfort, superficial relationships, impatience and low self esteem. Most vulnerable to these damaging ramifications, are our Youth.

The phenomenon is here to stay. The ambiguity will not ebb, the dust-storms of change will anything but settle. What will empower young people transitioning into adulthood to thrive in these conditions, to draw fulfillment, find purpose and real, meaningful success, is a sturdy foundation. To nurture a strong core that extends into lifelong emotional, social and life skills is what translates into the curriculum of THE ROOT CAMP.

Strong roots make strong trees!


Facilitated through an eclectic mix of formats and methods, THE ROOT CAMP is an intensive three-phase journey that empowers participants to:

  • Become more aware and understanding of self and others; based on this understanding to become more appreciative of self and others
  • Express themselves with authenticity, clarity and fairness
  • Hone social skills and the ability to forge meaningful relationships
  • Bring the locus of control within
  • Cultivate a problem solving mindset
  • Form lifetime habits of constructive contribution
  • Tap into their innate potential to find focus
  • Build confidence to make decisions for the future
  • Navigate through the inevitable failures and hurdles of life and find direction



Vision workshop

Here, we take teachers through an inspirational journey of engaging head and heart towards crafting a lofty vision of how they would want their school to emerge in the foreseeable future. By comparing the envisioned future with the present, they then chart out a road-map that will ensure they get there.

The Helping conversation

Having an empathetic guide as a teacher is the finest gift a student may have. This assumes even greater importance when the student faces a challenge. How to be that guide is what this program facilitates. The emphasis is on facilitating a conversation that constructively helps the student find answers.

Team building and bonding

Like with any organized system of human beings, in a school too, a well knit, collaborative team helps effect synergistic outcomes. Also, teachers’ behavior is what students emulate. This program leads teachers to recognize this reality, then equips them with the mind-sets and skills that demonstrate inclusiveness and value diversity, thus emerging as a wholesome team.

Interactive learning methods

To fuel in students the intrinsic motivation to learn, is a monumental contribution a teacher makes in their life-long eagerness to learn and grow. Every subject offers exciting opportunities to inspire learning. To grab these opportunities is as energizing for teachers, as it is useful for students. In this program, we equip teachers with a range of interactive learning methods and help them invent more for themselves.

Optimising audio visual media

Engaging multiple senses (of the student) leads to deeper engagement in the process of learning, the result of which is more effective learning. With the plethora of audio visual aids available, the possibility of achieving this is virtually limitless. This program helps the teacher to identify the right match between AV aid and subject matter and to use the medium to its best. Through practice, they see this journey steeply raise their capability in this arena.

Classroom presentation skills

Teachers bring alive the subjects they teach. Indeed, how a student feels about a subject is largely dependent on how the teacher presents it. This program helps teachers to leverage their own personality to the maximum in the classroom. It helps them reflect on their speech, voice, body language and similar subtleties, which, bundled together form the impactful package we term ‘personal presentation style’.

The Feedback Conversation

Sharing feedback is a teacher's responsibility. Done appropriately, it accelerates the student’s development; it builds her. Done inappropriately, it is a setback; it breaks her. Through this program, teachers improve their skill of sharing feedback constructively. They learn how to praise and correct in a way that aids students’ development. They become aware of inappropriate behavior, or ‘traps’, and learn how to guard against them.

Self awareness

Teachers influence students in ways beyond the boundaries of the subjects they teach. That being the case, who the teacher ‘is’ as a person is vital. Inward maturity manifests as outward effectiveness. This program, by employing a variety of structured experiences, holds the mirror to teachers, deepens self-reflection, raises awareness, facilitates crucial shifts - inward and outward.


In addition to the programs illustrated under this section, it may be pointed out that almost all of the work we do in the Corporate arena, appropriately contextualised, is equally useful for teachers.



Personality development

As they get set to cross the threshold and step into the world of adulthood, this program guides young participants to refine their manners, smooth rough corners and cultivate a personality that empowers them. Finesse in behavior, speech, grooming and social graces, all form part of this program, almost like a mini finishing-school.

Using time effectively

Juggling time-lines and chasing deadlines has become commonplace for the youth, so inundated are they with multiple responsibilities vying for their attention. Intensifying this challenge, are multiple distractions that hijack attention. This program helps participants to prioritise and plan around priorities. It helps participants identify their ‘pet’ time-monsters and protect themselves from their traps. It equips them with skills to maximise time usage.

Campus to Corporate

Transitioning from Student to Professional is quite a shift. This program helps participants understand what the corporate world expects and how they may best live up to these expectations. This understanding saves them from traps that they might otherwise fall into. They learn how to conduct themselves with confidence, consideration and poise, build relationships and reliability, demonstrate initiative and adopt lifelong work habits that promote success.

Preparing for campus placement

Towards equipping students to do their best during campus recruitment, this program focuses specifically on personal grooming, drafting an impactful CV, participating in Group Discussions, individual presentations and interviews.