I have been happy to associate with Purple Path over the last few years. Thank you so much for the enriching experience. I have always been impressed by your extensive research, commitment and professionalism. At DSP, business has appreciated your methodology and learnings which have been largely experiential. The audience has been impressed by your superlative facilitation. You have earned the reputation for high standards and quality and it is testament to the fact that you are actively sought out for your ability to coach, mentor and make a positive difference in the lives of DSP citizens.
Sanjiv Kumar, DSP Investment Managers
I’ve known Pervin for over the past 15 years. Besides playing an instrumental role in formalizing our Mission and Vision statement and structuring our Group’s managerial body, Pervin has, through the years, partnered with us and offered valuable guidance for the various outlets we have had in the past and the ones we continue to operate. Her expertise has helped formalize our Group’s training program at every level; this grounding has been critical in our ability to produce and sustain genuine and high quality employees, despite ever changing scenarios and high attrition levels. Pervin will always continue to have our full support and we look forward to partner with her in our future endeavors too.
Sanjay Narang, MARS Enterprises
Pravin has conducted multiple sessions for our World Towers team and other high end projects on various topics like understanding Luxury, grooming and dressing, selling Luxury and negotiation skills. The highlight of each and every workshop has been his attention to detail in any given topic and relating it effectively to the work space. The workshops are informative, engaging and participative in nature. He gives individual attention and feedback to every participant, which ensures that they implement the learnings from the workshop as soon as they are back on the job. I highly recommend Pravin for his impactful facilitation skills and creating high quality content that is as per the clients' requirements and will continue engaging with him in the future. All the best!
Akshata Ravi, Lodha Group
Pervin has been our valued partner and has been associated with us in our journey of people development, for long. Her facilitation skills, on several occasions with differing and complex groups, both large and small, is quite admirable. She has a wonderful way with people, highly developed understanding of interpersonal relationships and unlike many other facilitators, an affinity with business principles. We highly recommend her and also wish the best for all her future endeavors.
Mukesh Kumar, HDFC Ergo General Insurance
We have had the opportunity to work with Pravin Bhasin and he has contributed immensely in the area of Communication Skill Building, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Negotiation Skills. Pravin is thorough, meticulous and has an innate ability to connect with a diverse audience. His core strength is the ability to customize his approach to suit the varied needs and deliver the content in an impactful, interactive and captivating manner. His consistent and perfectionist approach leads him to providing services that are well above expectation, making him the first choice for soft skills programs.
Nisha Srinivasan, Sanofi
Ms. Pervin Bhasin has conducted programmes for our Operational Managers which we found to be very exciting and useful. She conducts the sessions with extreme diligence and focus on end results. Her follow-ups have been passionate which has resulted in excellent initiatives taken up by the participants. She has tailor-made programmes for the needs of the organization and has been instrumental in changing the mindsets of leaders on the ground. We wish all the best to Purple Path and we are confident that it will offer valuable services to the industry.
Indraneil Palit, Speciality Restaurants Limited
Pravin Bhasin is a thorough professional with extensive experience in Hotels Operations, Hotels Service/ Operations Audits and Training Initiatives. He has proven people skills and is an effective communicator. During training sessions he balances conceptual thinking with practical application, synergizing the two for maximum benefit with an ability to focus on multiple issues. His focussed attention during Training sessions is remarkable and very useful for the audience. All in all, a great facilitator and a strong asset to the organization.
Ashok Sharma, FHCIMA President
Pervin brings a lot of passion to the training that she conducts. With her there is no cookie cutter approach, she believes in contextualizing the training. This is her big strength.
Vaijayanti Naik, ICICI Securities
A colleague referred Pravin's name when I was planning our annual Leadership Development module for transitioning managers into general management roles. His module on Business Etiquette created quite a stir! Managers were educated on what internationally accepted standards are and on the need to look at body language, dining, dressing details, business communication as critical components of their professional brand and what it conveys about the organisations they represent. We have since then continued to work on other interventions like presentation skills. I would recommend him to any organisation looking to bring in a subject matter expert in the behavioral training space who brings with him years of business experience with biggest names in the industry and is brilliantly impactful.
Anvesha Singh, Raychem RPG Pvt Ltd
Pervin Bhasin gives a 110% percent to every program that she runs. Over the past decade she has done many programs for the organizations that I have worked for, and the impact has been significant. 110% in preparation for the program, 110% in understanding the organizational needs and culture, and 110% in encouraging and motivating participants in the classroom. All of this ultimately leads to great learning outcomes and motivated people.
Rustom Vesavevala, Vice President HR & Business Excellence, Mahindra Partners